July 8, 2010

Charlie at 13 Months

Charlie is 13 months old today.

This kid has changed a lot in the past month. Aside from rockin' the new haircut, that is.

He's developed a LOT of opinions. Diaper changes? Forget it! He doesn't have the time for that shit (literally). Being calm and patient in public (or at home)? Nah, too much work! He'd rather just scream to let you know that he's right there, waiting for you to turn your adoring eyes on him. Going to sleep with little fuss? That'd just be too easy! Instead, he tosses his bottle out of his crib, sends his polar bear on a rescue mission, and then screams when neither bottle nor polar bear cooperate.

It's been a challenge, adjusting to this new, opinionated boy. As usual, I'm always the last to figure out that the rules have changed. For a week or so, I listened to Charlie howl and scream, as if in terrible pain, while I tried to change his diaper. He became so agitated that he would end up on his hands and knees on top of the changing table. I thought for sure there was some invisible ailment that was just eating him up inside, so loud and desperate were his screams.

But no, it was just him throwing a tantrum.

The doctor pronounced him a master manipulator at his one year well baby appointment. Charlie screamed and screamed through the whole appointment, so much so that the nurse couldn't even get him measured for height. And we all know how his first haircut turned out:

We've got some fun times ahead!

Despite the challenges, this age is seriously so much fun. He rolls around with his polar bear, sucking on his nose. He pushes his trike across the living room so proudly and he laughs in glee while riding it around the neighborhood. He tackles us, gives us kisses, crawls at the speed of light, scrunches up his nose when he's assessing a situation, shoves his hands in my mouth to check my teeth, and is so close to really walking that we can taste it. He cracks himself up while sitting in his car seat and laughs constantly at our antics. He is just so wonderful, screaming and tantrums and diaper rash and all, and we are having such a fantastic summer, just the three of us - it could not be a more perfect way for us to enjoy our last few months together before we welcome his little brother into our growing family.

I love him, my little blonde-headed pixie boy. I love him so much.


phairhead said...

i can't over his cute little chubby feet!

amber said...

Ah man, that kid is gonna be a heartbreaker. :)