July 13, 2010

In Celebration of Shoes

Even though I go through our stuff often, getting rid of it on a pretty regular basis, there are some things that I never get rid of. It just feels too hard, like too much of a betrayal of who I was.

When I was in high school (and still, really), I had a big love for Docs. I started off with a black pair that were too big for me, and soon I had acquired a red pair. After that, I got a pair of brown Doc shoes, and after high school, I bought a green pair and then a pair of Mary Janes I found on sale. I still have the last two pairs I bought, but the others have either been given away or worn into the ground during the many years I waited tables. The green ones and the Mary Janes have not been worn much.

In the past few years, I have put on my green pair every once in awhile. The last time was for Charlie's one year photo session.

They hurt. Oh mah gah, they hurt so bad. And it's no wonder, because my feet did grow some while I was pregnant with Charlie. But for some reason, at the last minute, I decided to wear them. I practically ripped them off my feet the second we got home.

Over the weekend, my blog and Facebook friend Sue posted about her lust for a good pair of bad ass boots, and I thought, "Hmmmm, I may be able to help her out."

So I'm sending Sue my Docs. She's getting a mighty good deal on them, too, because no matter the scuffs, these puppies are in mighty good shape. (It pays to be my friend.) But before I packed them up, there was a little something I had to do. I had to pull out the mighty 40D and photograph them in all their glory, rainbow shoelaces and all.

I've heard that when you're having trouble getting rid of something but know that you should, you should photograph it. And I do feel better, and it does make sense for me to part with these, since they don't even fit anymore.

Besides, nowhere in the rule book does it say that I can't buy myself another pair sometime in the future. I did always want a purple pair...


Eric's Mommy said...

My Docs are still in my basement somewhere. They had plaid laces. The only thing I didn't like about them was they were awful in the snow, like one step and you'd fall on your ass.

phairhead said...

Ahh! They're flipping sweet! Can't thank you enough

Erika said...

SWEET!!....I love Docs....had a black pair during my grunge stage in the 90's.

I regretted giving them away.....I will buy another pair though.

amber said...

Love this. I'm glad they are going to a new home where they will be as loved by the new owner as they were by you.

And when you get that purple pair, you can get them in the new right size and wear them til they fall apart. :)