July 21, 2010

I love

...that I found the softest black T-shirt ever in the bottom of Charlie's closet (our old closet) when I was cleaning it out and it smelled so good.

...this video, which made me cry. (It's only 2 minutes, watch it!)

....that our dishwasher is not working well and so we have to wash the dishes by hand. Wait. Just kidding.

...that my husband adores me and that I adore him back and that's just the way it is. I once had a nutter of a boyfriend who told me I was incapable of love, and being as I was young and thought that he knew more about me than I knew about myself, I believed him for awhile. On that note, I love proving other people wrong, especially when they are so clearly, totally, fucked-upedly wrong.

...that I have taught myself how to cut my own bangs so now I can take care of that as soon as they get annoyingly too long and start swooping to the sides.

...that I have begun granting myself the freedom to write in run-on sentences in this blog. F for freedom.

...that our bathing suits are hanging on the shower curtain rod, reminding me that we've been having fun. It's hard to remember the fun stuff sometimes when you're wide awake at 4 AM.

...going to bed with wet hair. It's just a good feeling.

...this blog. I don't think I've ever felt as connected to another blogger as I do to her. I've been reading through her archives for the past couple of days, and in all my unoriginality, all I can say is she inspires me. Her subject matter may not be for everybody, but I think she is brilliant and quirky and a genuinely kind person. Plus, she's pregnant, due about a month after me, and she's naming her daughter Ever, which I love.

...watching the adventures of Charlie and his polar bear unfold each day.

...that ACOG reversed its position on VBAC, hopefully making VBAC more accessible for all. (Fuck yeah!)

...the new assignment (water!) on Pioneer Woman Photography. I submitted this photo and won't be at all surprised if it doesn't make the cut.

still splash


phairhead said...

OK, you got me. I'm crying. What a sweet film!

Bex said...

mmm, I definitely know what you mean about the wet hair. That's a great pic!

Miranda said...

I was effing PUMPED to read that article released by the ACOG. I can't wait to go to my yearly next week and ask my PA what she and that practice thinks of it. If I don't like the answer, it'll be all the push I need to find a new doctor before negotiations for baby human #2 commence!

amber said...

That picture is gorgeous!!!