August 26, 2010

A Post About Poop

Charlie is obsessed with poop. He loves his diaper pail (and putting my phone in it, and taking out the dirty diapers). He loves taking off his diaper. He loves looking at and playing with his poop. Oh, and he just loves flushing the toilet (which probably has nothing to do with his love for poop).

Not only that, he poops about four or five times a day. That is a whole lot of butt-wiping. And it's not simple butt-wiping, either. It's chase-the-naked-kid around-the-room-so-he-doesn't-leave-skid-marks-everywhere kind of butt-wiping. It brings parenting to a whole new level, and let me tell you that it's great fun to deal with, especially when you're getting to the point of being massively pregnant.

I'm already starting to think about potty training. Yeah, I know, he's only (almost) 15 months, but from what I understand, it's a pretty slow process anyway, so there's no harm in starting soon. And by starting, I mean buying him a little potty and letting him sit on it, maybe starting to read some potty books. We already do a bit of naked time a day. Once Burt Reynolds makes his way to the outside, it's going to throw a wrench into our daily life, so it'd be a little pointless to bust out the big guns now (that, and I know he's not really ready for those big guns).

But 2011, perhaps that will be the year that we potty train.

Until then, I anticipate that we will be seeing a lot more of this:


Amanda said...

Jackson used to take his out and play with it too. The biggest gross out of all time. I'm so glad we're done with that! Potty training DID take about a year for us until he was finally like "okay, fine, i'll use the potty every time."

amber said...

Oh dear. The joys of being a mother, eh? ;)