August 30, 2010

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 30

Day 30: A photo of you when you were happy

This is us three years ago on our honeymoon, happy as can be. There was no money for us to take a huge trip, so we went up to the Pacific Northwest instead. We had an absolutely fabulous time, just us doing our nerdy Leslie and Roy thing. Yeah, we're not tropical island types. But if someone wanted to give us a free trip, we'd totally take it. Just sayin'.

And that concludes my 30 day photo challenge! That was a ton of fun for me - I loved looking through all my old photos, searching for the perfect picture for each day's challenge.


phairhead said...

I really enjoyed looking what makes Leslie Leslie :D

Amanda said...

I've had a great time looking at part of your story in photos. :)

amber said...

Cute! You look happy. :)