November 6, 2010

Currently Enjoying

-these two songs (often on repeat in my car)

-this book (currently reading)

-this book (finished a couple of weeks ago, and one of my favorites of the year)

-and if there's time before Burt Reynolds is born, I've got this book on deck

-this season of this show

-this amazing, all-natural, all-purpose skin cream (which I am using as a moisturizer and I love it)

-this blogger's 30 Days of Truth

-this camera (I can't really say I'm enjoying this, since I don't have one. But I want this camera so bad. It would be the perfect - and expensive - replacement for my crappy little point and shoot + little video recorder, both of which I keep in my bag. We can't afford it. A girl can dream, though, right?)

Tell me what you've been enjoying lately. Books, movies, TV, food, etc. (I could write a whole post on food I've been enjoying lately.) I want to hear it. I don't need more things to add to my list, but I want more things to add to my list.

Happy Saturday!


Sara said...

Well at this very moment, I am enjoying the beautiful sunrise. Although I am supposed to be sleeping in, I cant so I am enjoying this RARE quiet time for myself.

Hopefully later, I can also enjoy a peppermint mocha from my red cup :)

Lydia said...

Florence + the Machine: so good! LOVE!!

I tried to like the elegance of the hedgehog, but i hated it. I guess the hype was too much for me to enjoy it.

I just dug out Blood by This Mortal Coil and am enjoying the hell out of it all over again. (I'm in a shoegazer mood)

Hope all goes well with Burt Reynolds!

phairhead said...

florence's voice is hauntingly beautiful!

things I've been digging: Matthew Sweet & Modest Mouse (music)

Trail of Crumbs & Lunar Park (books)

The L Word & The office (TV)

Amanda said...

Florence and the Machine!!! Yay!!