November 14, 2010

Mommy's Little Secret

My mom has always made the best mashed potatoes. I have the recipe and no matter how hard I try, I cannot duplicate her mashed potatoes' level of tastiness. It's one of those secrets she's got.

I have my own little secret, but it's not a recipe. It's what I use to get potential stains out of clothing. I didn't discover this awesomeness until after Charlie was well out of the newborn stage, but I think if I had known about it then, I could've saved quite a few of his tiny outfits from horrible staining. But I'm grateful to know about it now, especially because he is one messy toddler. We're back to going through two to three outfits per day because he refuses to wear a bib during meals, likes to get dirty, and all that other fun kid stuff.

My big secret for keeping his clothes clean and re-wearable is Charlie's All-Purpose Cleaner. Forget all the chemicals in stuff like Resolve - this is a non-toxic solution that actually cleans a whole hell of a lot better. It not only works on laundry, but on pretty much everything else, including things like dentures. It's pretty amazing.

Here's what Charlie decided to do on Halloween: eat some frito pie and then wipe his hands all over his cute little Charlie Brown shirt.

Totally awesome. I didn't have to sit there and stress about it, because I have such a good cleaning solution at home. So he got to be his messy little self and once we got him home and undressed, I sprayed down his shirt with Charlie's All-Purpose Cleaner and started a load of laundry. And his shirt looks good as new, seriously.

I'd recommend this product to every mom out there. No nasty chemicals! Works great! And one jug of the stuff lasts quite awhile! (Yes, I do sound like some weird Martha Stewart wannabe.)

The downside? This stuff is difficult to find in stores, so it's best to order it online. But just think, by ordering online, you're helping support an awesome small business, while also letting toddlers everywhere continue to make giant messes. Yay.

(Order here.)


sherthebear said...

That is funny that it is called Charlie's All Purpose Cleaner. At first I thought it was a homemade cleaner you made and named after Charlie, LOL.

arein siahaan said...

he's cute lil boy. regard from me to him :)
hai aunt, visit my blog too ya :) Godblessyou

amber said...

Oh, good to know! Thanks!