November 5, 2010

You know you're old when... buy a Fisher-Price stove from your generation at a consignment sale and it's labeled "vintage."

I had this same little stove when I was a kid. On some websites, the whole set goes for over $100! I'm pretty sure I had the whole set, too, which looks like this:

I spent $5 on the stove. Someone suggested that I sell it on eBay but no way in hell will I do that. It's too much of a treasure. And Charlie loves it. He loves it when I make the bell ring. I must confess, though, that sometimes he leaves the burners on and when I catch a glimpse of them all red, it freaks me out for a split second. I am losing it.

Speaking of toys, I posed for my 40 week belly photo on Charlie's little buddy Luke's trike:

Lookin' a little puffy there. And yet I can't be that damn puffy if I'm sitting on an almost two-year-old's trike at 40 weeks pregnant. And how ridiculous is it that I'm wearing shorts in November? It's been in the 90s here this week. I'm dying.

And since this post needs to be even more random, we're using this tutorial to make Charlie a play kitchen for Christmas. It should come out looking kind of like this:

Finished Kitchen

(photo credit)

Obviously, we'll do different colors and all that. You can see some more play kitchens that were built using this tutorial here. So cute! I am so excited about this. I think Charlie will love it. We're going to add some play food from Ikea as part of the gift. I just hope we don't get too overwhelmed with Burt Reynolds and don't have the time to make it. We've already started getting the supplies, though, so we're committed to making it happen.

And just for grins, here's an absolutely adorable photo of my kiddo, taken yesterday:

And that's all for this completely random and probably very uninteresting update about toys, my gigantic stomach, and my kiddo. I'm such a parent.


Eric's Mommy said...

I had that stove too! I totally forgot about that thing, when I saw the pics I said "Oh my god!" I didn't have the whole set though.

Amy said...

I had that stove too! Actually, I had the whole set and still have most of it too!

cowboyboot lady said...

Leslie, SO glad to be catching up with you! Charlie is so big, blonde, and beautiful. I can't believe how much he has grown. And he looks so happy. Great seeing these new pics of him.

That "vintage" stove looks so familiar to me...I must have also had one as a kid, or at least a friend of mine. Vintage?! Ha!

And congrats to you! I can't wait to follow your story of Baby #2. I am SO glad to be back. I have truly missed you, Leslie. I am looking forward to catching up on your older posts. Peace and Love.