November 9, 2010

Pumpkin Patchin'

Roy managed to get the Friday before Halloween off, and we finally went out to the pumpkin patch. We'd been planning the trip for the beginning of October, but it kept being put off for one reason or another. So glad we finally made it, and on a weekday to boot. It wasn't crowded at all, thankfully. This grouchy pregnant woman hates crowds, even when she's not pregnant.

Nice haircut, Chuckles.

The trip to the pumpkin patch was the leash's maiden voyage. We put it on him in the parking lot because he did not want to be held or hold hands. He had no issue with wearing it but insisted on holding the leash himself. So much for it being an effective tool for toddler wrangling. We were going to take it off of him once we got into the pumpkin patch, since it wasn't very crowded, but he ended up wearing it pretty much the entire time.

People can hate on the leash all they want, but he looked damn cute in that little monkey backpack.

We basically took a few photos at the photo opp sites and then went straight to the petting zoo, where we were greeted very enthusiastically by a herd of goats. Seriously, our cups full of feed were gone in about five seconds, and I was afraid for a split second that Charlie was going to get trampled. The pics below were taken after the dust had settled.

The picture below is my favorite from the day. I love how engrossed he is while looking at all the animals. And oh, that slobber under his bottom lip. Love it.

I love this llama, too.

And these pumpkins.

We hit up the corn maze after the petting zoo. What a clusterfuck. I was so grouchy at this point from being on my feet that we cut our time in the maze pretty short. I traded in the rest of our tickets for a couple of packages of orange and black Mardi Gras beads for Charlie. It was time to hit the dang road.

Before we left, Charlie picked out a little pumpkin for himself, as well as a decorative gourd as a reminder to us all that it's fall, fuckfaces. (Seriously, click on that link, it's hilarious.)

And that was our morning at the pumpkin patch. Totally not something I'd recommend for a woman at 39 weeks pregnant, but we still had fun. And both that little pumpkin and that awesome gourd are still sitting on the kitchen counter, looking so festive I can hardly stand it.

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