September 5, 2009

30 Days of Happiness, Day 12: It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp.

We spent most of our day with Mandy and Paul, having lunch, farting around town, and watching season one of Gossip Girl (my latest addiction). Oh, and trying for two hours to get Charlie to take a nap. Holy hell.

We went out separate ways for a few hours so we could all relax and get some sleep. And yes, I got a nap, and yes, it was awesome.

Mandy and Paul came back around 8:00 tonight after Charlie was down for the night and we cracked open a bottle of this (my new favorite beverage) and laid out the Monopoly board. Since we were in a bit of a time crunch*, we each started out with four properties and decided to limit the game to twenty rounds.

*We're old.

These were the properties I started with:

Everything started out neat and tidy and happy.

And then it slowly morphed into this.

I was doing pretty good - hell, I started the game off with a clear advantage (Park Place and Boardwalk), but I got demolished after landing on one of Mandy's properties that had a hotel on it.

I came in last place. But seriously, there was no shortage of laughs. I'm pretty freaking witty when I've had some alcohol.

A good day and night all around. That ended at 9:30.

Have I mentioned we're old?


Anamika said...

I fall asleep before the previews are over on movies. I'm always "Hey, B! Let's watch a movie!" You know, after I get my munchkins to bed? Yeah, I'm out within 15 minutes.

Have I mentioned I'm old?

Angie Eats Peace said...

I feel asleep around 8:30 last night, while watching Coraline.

I have only played Monopoly once in my life, and I quit about an hour into it. It was pretty boring.

Erika said...


I beat my hubby's ass twice on that game!!!......LOL

took us 3 hours total...were up until 4am once we are night owls so that's not uncommon for us.

amber said...

Oh, have you had the framboise, yet? That one is soooo yummy!! I don't drink regular beer, so when I know we are having folks over and it's going to be a beer-drinking night, I always stash a bottle of framboise for me to enjoy. :)