December 17, 2009

But I've got to get to Texas...

Hello, internet! This morning we leave for Texas. Are you going to miss me? I bet you are!

Here, have some Christmas merriment.

Well, I may check in here while we're gone. My mom is finally getting internet access after 87598479 years! Finally, the ability to obsessively check my email while on vacation.

However, you can always check me out on Twitter if you would like to stalk me.

I'll miss you guys. We'll be back in California on December 23, just in time to celebrate Charlie's first Christmas.

(I stole my post title. Yes, again.)


phairhead said...

love the Tori reference

alejna said...

That photo is soooo cute.

Hope the trip went well!

amber said...

Charlie is looking at you like "Seriously mom?! You really think sitting on this guy's lap is a good idea?" Too funny!