December 11, 2009

Makeover My Life, Week 1

My life has been in utter upheaval for quite some time now. Every day I kind of look around in bewilderment and say, "How did things get this way?"

By "this way," I mean that I forgot to pay our gas bill for two months in a row, I locked Charlie in the car with my keys on accident, I can't keep track of my appointments, and our house is a wreck pretty much every day. Oh, and we bought this handy little organizational unit for our living room, which has worked wonders. But guess what? I still can't find my sunglasses. I also recently had a BioMeridian scan that revealed that my body is in need of a major flush. If you combine all that with the fact that I have been over-the-top emotional and overwhelmed, my life needs a lot of adjusting.

It's weird, because I was the person who always wrote down all my appointments, always left on time, and was always organized. Now I lose my keys and iPod on a every-other-daily basis, and let's not forget the missing sunglasses. And locking Charlie in the car along with my keys. I have turned into my mother, who has like eleven pairs of reading glasses floating around at any given time.

Having a kiddo changes a person, though. That's right, I blame this all on Charlie.

So I got my hands on this book and decided to devote the next year of my life to really getting my life together. Basically every week there's a new aspect of your life to organize. For the first week (this week), it was "organize your mind." I wrote down everything I needed to do for the week and then each morning I made a to-do list for the day. I tried to get as much sleep as I could each night. And there were some nights I didn't get enough sleep and some days I didn't complete all my tasks, but at the end of this week, I am feeling very happy with what I've gotten done.

In addition to the organizational stuff, I also decided to do a huge diet makeover. I thought it would be easiest to make changes to one meal at a time, so last Friday I started my mission to have a healthy breakfast each morning. I bought lots of fruit, plain low-fat yogurt, granola, and two different types of Kashi cereal. And I'm really proud to announce that I've done pretty well with this. There was a day or two when I had to resort to eating cheese and crackers for breakfast, but for the most part, I'm starting the day off with something that's good for me.

I thought I would do a weekly post about my life makeover, but I can't really commit to it because just doing it is hard enough. So I'll just write about it when I feel like it and keep my regularly scheduled emo posts going. I will say this, though. I am feeling good. This is the best week I've had in awhile. It feels good to have a goal to work towards and to feel more in control of my life.

Next week is "organize your schedule." And I'll be sticking to the healthy breakfasts but will not push myself further in that regard. We're going to Texas next Thursday so that's going to throw a major kink in things. I probably won't be able to tackle my lunch makeover until after the new year.

And now I'm going to go cross some things off my to-do list. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Nanette said...

Nice, Leslie! I need to do something similar. Too much going on, too much clutter, too much...meh.

khairun said...

You might find helpful.
Love reading your posts. My morning getaway!

Eric's Mommy said...

This is so cool, I need to do the same thing.

phairhead said...

whoa, 2 different Kashis! yr colon is now the strongest organ in yr body :D

Crazy Daisy said...

Sweet! Sounds like you have a great plan and are off to a wonderful start! I too need to get my crap together, however, maybe tomorrow ;)

oh, and tbw...How are you enjoying the Kashi? :) I'm all for healthy eating, however I cannot handle it! It always tastes like twigs and rocks to me...

Angie Eats Peace said...

I am so proud of you for recognizing, and making changes.

Erika said...

That is AWESOME!!!....I recently bought an organizer one of those cute ones at Target. I kept forgetting my work schedule and when my assignments are due.

I also color coded everything to make it easier for me since I'm a visual person.

It has REALLY helped me.

amber said...

I totally hear you on how much difference it can make to just get everything organized and in its place. It sounds like you're moving in the right direction though - good luck!