December 5, 2009

The Great Post-It Note Debacle

My sister-in-law Mandy and I were hanging out the day before Thanksgiving. I left her in the car with Charlie while I ran into the store to grab something really fast. When I came back, there was a sea of Post-Its decorating the interior of my car.

(Please pardon the poor quality of these photos.)

On the driver's side door:

"Hi Leslie"

On the steering wheel:

"Was it fun in there?"

On the dash:

"It's a little windy out there"

On the rearview mirror:

"That's Chuckles back there. He totally wrote all of these notes."

On the top of Charlie's car seat:

"Mandy tried to stop him. I mean me."

On the gear shift thingie:

"Make sure you choose R not D."

On my CDs:

"Stop licking your CDs. People will think you're a Twitard." [I may or may not have been licking my CDs earlier that day. Long story.]

On my drink:

"Ash (sic) [meaning our cat Woogas who loves to steal straws from people's drinks] wants your straw."

On my little mushroom hanging from the rearview mirror:

"I like your mushroom."

Obviously, given our penchant for silliness and mutual love for Post-Its, Mandy and I get along very well.


Erika said...

LOVE the post its!!!.....Don't tell me you lick your cds because they skip right?

I just spit on family looks at me strangely..... i only do it around them AND my cds only...... in case you wondered.....

Mrs. S said...

That was such a fun day! I really enjoyed watching Chuckles write all of those notes. :-D

phairhead said...

Chuckles is a genius!!

Bex said...

I think we need an explanation of the cd licking.
Too funny!

Crazy Daisy said...

Love it! That is so random yet brilliant fun!

Anonymous said...
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amber said...