December 28, 2009


This is my better-late-than-never big fat Thanksgiving post. I am a total slacker who sits around eating bon bons and watching soap operas and just finished editing my turkey day photos last night.

First of all, let's talk about caramel apples. I had every intention of making these kick-ass candy apples that I saw on Amber's blog. We bought all the ingredients and were all set to go...

When it came time to melt the chocolate, it ended up being a giant FAIL. We got water in the chocolate, which apparently is a big no-no, thereby learning the reason behind the title of Like Water for Chocolate.

Peeps, please learn from our mistake. Don't ever think that adding water to melting chocolate is a good idea. It just isn't.


And please don't try to put caramel-coated apples on wax paper. That doesn't work.


The candy bags I bought from Michael's ended up not working out, so we stuffed each apple into a Ziploc bag and called it a ghetto-fab night.

Chuckles was pleased when we finally gave up trying to be Martha Stewart.

The next day was Thanksgiving. After taking a ridiculous amount of photos of Charlie in his Thanksgiving sleeper, we headed over to Mandy and Paul's, who were kind enough to host Thanksgiving this year.

For some reason, I didn't take a wide variety of photos. Instead, I have a crapload of pictures of me, Charlie, Roy, and Charlie's uncle Jake.

Oh wait! My nephew Merlin snuck in there...

...and so did Uncle Paul...

...and Cerby made an appearance as well.

Dinner was great, and even though the caramel apples were a ridiculous amount of work for ultimately something that ended up being stupidly simple, they were very tasty. Charlie even gave his own seal of approval.

And that was our Thanksgiving.

(I'm going to try to put up a big fat Christmas post before the end of the year. I have about 1500 photos on my camera from the entire month of December that I'm going to need to go through in order to make that happen. You can go ahead and make bets on whether I'll actually get the post done before New Year's. My money's on hellz to the no.)


kim said...

Caramel apples are best without chocolate. So while that may have seemed like a fail, it was a win in my book. :)

phairhead said...

sorry about the caramel apples : ( next time skip the chocolate and go for the walnuts instead

amber said...

I didn't know about the water thing, but yeah, wax paper + caramel apples = disaster. Non-stick cooking spray and parchment paper is TWTG. I think they still turned out cute, though. :)

alyssa said...

A big giant "A" for effort! They did still turn out cute! Your little turkey is the cutest thing!! His face and smile are just so sweet!

tiger said...