February 1, 2010


I've noticed that many people out there in the blogosphere pick a word to describe their intentions for the year ahead. A sort of focal point or a place of return, if you will. I decided that it'd be an interesting experiment for me to do the same thing. It didn't take me very long to figure out my word for 2010.


I chose this word because there are things that I need to see through, such as my thesis.

I chose this word because I need an anchor, something to keep me in place when I begin drifting off and getting distracted by all the pretty, gritty things in the world.

I chose this word because I need to remember that as imperfect as I am, I am indeed complete. I have a tendency to want to see the best in people and situations, and that often clouds my better judgment (or my intuition). My way of thinking does not often allow for me to be right. Instead, I am always wide open to the fact that I'm not right. Which means that I must be wrong. Which means that I am disappointed by others or finding myself in situations that just never really felt right to me, but I ended up in the them because I did not trust myself.

I picked this word because I am not deficient and it really is time that I believed that.

There it is; now let's see what I do with it.


Angie Eats Peace said...

Love it.

amber said...

Good word and good reasoning behind it.

Myra said...

Yo, Peaches! I just wanted to say I think you're awesome!

alejna said...

I like it!