July 23, 2009

At Last

Roy and I decided that for our wedding anniversaries, we would take trips to celebrate instead of buying each other gifts. Last year we went to Minneapolis. This year we went for a short day trip (for obvious reasons) out to Orange County.

Mandy came over to stay with Charlie for the day. It was our first time leaving him with a babysitter. We posed for a family photo before heading out.

We made it out of the house okay, but by the time we got to our destination (the Bowers Museum), I felt like someone had ripped my heart out. I missed Charlie so much. I couldn't stop talking about him. (There's a shock.)

We ate lunch at the museum cafe. I had crab cakes, and Roy had something weird.

We stopped at the museum gift shop. As far as museum gift shops go, this one was amazing. I found so many things I wanted, but we only ended up getting this (for Charlie):

The main hallway of the museum had some striking pictures (not sure of the medium) of Chinese warriors.

There was also a whole exhibit of really awesome photos from Africa.

We made a new friend.

We didn't get to stay as long as I wanted. But we made up for it by stopping by this great deli (strictly for the bakery) and grabbing some goodies. I hadn't been there in years.

Still as good as ever.

We crept home in the typical Orange County traffic, listening to our wedding playlist on the way. We managed to stop off at home for a few minutes so I could get my Charlie fix (I was jonesing big time and almost in tears at several points throughout the day). Then we headed out to our local movie theatre to see Away We Go. The theatre looked like this:

We really loved the movie. Go watch it!

Afterwards we went to Border's and stayed long enough to see this:

It was kind of a WTF moment for me because I couldn't help but wonder if someone wrote this and then just waited around for Michael Jackson to die.

We picked up dinner and headed home. Mandy and Paul were nice enough to stay and take Charlie for the night, thereby giving us a wonderful opportunity to sleep in our bed together and without interruption. I'd like to say that we got freaky but I hadn't been taken off pelvic rest yet. It's not like I'd tell you anyway, you perverts.

So that was our second wedding anniversary. And it was a great one. It was no trip to Minneapolis, but considering during our anniversary trip last year, it felt like we would never get pregnant, I'd take this one any time.

It's amazing how much can change in a year.


Angie Eats Peace said...

That movie looks funny, I will have to check it out.

I hope you had a good anniversary, my friend. Sounds like an awesome day.

cowboyboot lady said...

What a fun anniversary day! The lunch and the baked goods look yummy! Glad you were able to finally actually sleep in the same bed together! Happy anniversary!

phairhead said...

sounds like you had an amazing time. happy anniversary!

amber said...

I like the idea of taking a trip for each anniversary. :) I'm glad you guys were able to get out and have some alone time, even if you did miss Charlie tons. Happy Anniversary!!

Crazy Daisy said...

Happy anniversary! I'm so happy you were able to get out and enjoy the day We also take a trip for our anniversary each year instead of gifts! It is a wonderful option!

If you ever decide to visit Minneapolis again, be sure to let us know! It would be great to actually meet you!

Erika said...

You look great after having a baby btw.

Sounds like one fantastic anniversary!