July 20, 2009

Long-Awaited Alcohol Consumption

I haven't had a drink in god knows how long. Tonight Roy and I cracked open a bottle of wine and I had about two sips and then called it a night. (I'm so not a wine drinker.)

Charlie is six weeks old now, as I mentioned before. Here are a couple of pictures from the week:

Obviously I've uploaded my recent photos onto my computer, so perhaps I'll have something interesting/different to share soon. But I'm tired, and this is what I've got for now.


Anamika said...

Husband and I went through a wine drinking phase. We loved trying new wines. We still love the wine his dad makes the best.

My favorite drink lately is a Lava Flow. It's a drink I had in Hawaii and it's soooo good!

inflammatory writ said...

Mike and I are currently obsessed with wine. It's all I've been drinking lately!

Charlie is a button. He looks like a mashup of you and Roy!

cowboyboot lady said...

The mommy and daddy onsies are very cute! Charlie looks great in orange!

Bex said...

yay wine!

Ordinary Diary said...

hey your babies are so cute with those tees.. if they're growing older they're be proud wearing it.
i always love babies!

amber said...