July 27, 2009


Charlie is seven weeks old today, and I swear he's the size of a three month old.

This week we transitioned Charlie from his bouncy chair into the pack and play. He'd been sleeping in his bouncy chair since we got home from the hospital, but he's going to be too big for it soon. It was surprisingly easy to make the change, probably because he is sleeping on a changing pad in the pack and play, which he seems to prefer.

He loves the mobile on the pack and play. He gets the biggest grins on his face while looking at it.

We also tried the swing this week. Well, we had tried it before, but Charlie never really seemed to like it. He's doing better with it now, although the swing itself really kind of sucks. (We're working on getting it fixed.) We did decide to order another swing that plugs in, because not only does our current swing suck, it also eats batteries.

I put Charlie in his crib for a short time while doing some work around the house. He liked it, because he got to stare up at his crib mobile. So I make it a point to put him in there more often. I'm sure it'll help when we're trying to transition him to his crib.

I have tried, with some success, to wear Charlie around the house using my Moby wrap and Ergo baby carrier. Like most infants, Charlie loves being held, but he definitely has a love/hate relationship with being worn, unfortunately. I've found that he really has to be in the right mood. I'm hoping this will change as he gets older and bigger - it certainly would make my life easier if I could just strap him to me on a regular basis and go about my day. I spend a lot of time during the day just holding him because he doesn't want to be put down. I do love holding him, though - I bet some day I'll be looking back wistfully to this time once Charlie becomes a rowdy little boy.

I think I just need to grow an extra set of hands. I'm sure Charlie would appreciate that.

Here are some bonus kitty pics from the week:

(If you look really close, you can see Kerwin's tongue! Love that.)


Myra said...

Boosha, boosha, boosha!

Anamika said...

I just wanna squish those wonderful cheeks! smoosh!

alejna said...

Charlie looks adorable! I can't believe it's already been 7 weeks.

Let me know if you figure out how to grow an extra set of hands!

We ended up getting rechargeable batteries for our swing, which got oodles of use. (Actually, for a while, the swing worked as an extra set of hands...)

Transitions can be rough. I'm trying to transition Theo to get more sleep, and he's almost a year old! I'm in denial. I keep thinking of him as my little tiny baby. We have yet to transition him to the big crib.

amber said...

I just want to pinch his little cheeks!!

Brenda said...

I love that last picture you have on here of Charlie in his car seat...man he is going to be a character! I can just tell :)

Angie Eats Peace said...

I love the picture of him looking at his mobile!

phairhead said...

i agree w/ Brenda, that car seat portrait is adorable!

cowboyboot lady said...

Very cute pics.

tiger said...