July 28, 2009

Greatest Text Hits, Volume 1

Charlie is napping, and I have been flipping through my saved messages on my cell phone. When I get a text that I really like, I lock it. I have a ton locked right now that I am slowly deleting. Here are a few of my favorites:

3/3/08, from Myra: You have already captured and memorialized your inspiration many more times and in a much more eloquent fashion than most people do in a lifetime.

4/28/08, from Myra: I cannot wait until you and the Roylet have a little bunlet in the oven.

6/20/08, from Candice: Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who loved to take pictures with abnormally sized lemons and who loved to sniff bellybuttons. The end.

(She's referring to me, see?

10/26/08, from Mandy: Oh my gosh, are you okay? I heard that the short bus flipped over and I know how you hate to wear your helmet because it makes it hard to lick the window...

11/4/08, from Tiff: He did it! :) Our babies will be born with Obama as president! How awesome is that??

I can't help but smile when I reread these.


Crazy Daisy said...

this post is full of awesomeness :)

Tiff said...

Thanks for posting this! I forgot about that awesome feeling I had when he won, and thinking of all of our kiddos! I LOVED writing in their baby books, President:Obama :-)

See you Thursday! Can't wait!

Myra said...

Fwend, I feel so honored that you've quoted me. Big hug! See you soon.

amber said...

Too funny!