July 9, 2009

Our Other Three Babies

Reading my blog lately you'd think that our three cats just fell off the face of the planet once Charlie was born. Let me assure you, that's so not the case. They're still around, causing trouble and being insanely cute.

I thought for sure that bringing Charlie home would cause mass hysteria amongst the cats, but they seemed to just go about their normal business instead of being all dramatic and hiding under the bed for days. Mao has been curious since the beginning; I caught her licking Charlie's head the other day. Kerwin and Woogas are just kind of "meh" about Charlie, like "Oh, it's you again."

Here are some recent photos of our fuzzy ones.

Mao inspects Charlie once he arrives home from the hospital.

Mao inspects Charlie as he sleeps.

Mao attacks Kerwin.

Mao watches her back.

Mao, Woogas, and Kerwin hide in the shower at Mandy and Paul's house. (We had to take them there when our house was being exterminated.)

Woogas gets pissed. (This one cracks me up - it's just begging for a caption!)

Mao and Woogas decide that it's not fair for Charlie to get all my attention.

I miss spending tons of time petting and holding the cats. I feel pretty guilty sometimes for not giving them more attention. (Damn, is there anything I don't feel guilty about?) The other day Angelina came over and watched Charlie for a few hours so I could take a nap. All three of the cats piled onto the bed with me. It was awesome waking up with all of them there - a nice throwback to the pre-Charlie days.


Kelli said...

We figure our cats will have the same reactions - one or two will be curious (our youngesters) but the rest will keep their distance. I'm more worried about how our dogs will react at this point.

Nanette said...

I love the one of you on the phone with Charlie on your lap!

phairhead said...

these photos are great! love the one of you, mao and charlie

inflammatory writ said...

The picture of the three scaredy cats in the shower is my favorite. :) They're so cute.

Anamika said...

That picture of Woogas is classic! It looks like the cat is yelling. Is he (or she?) in the bathroom? I so picture "Okay! Who didn't put the toilet paper on the roll again?!" :) Hysterical.

sherthebear said...

I know how you feel. My poor cat is being so neglected and he has been so good with his baby sister.

Crazy Daisy said...

the photo of the ticked off Woogas is definitely begging for an LOL cats caption!

Angie Eats Peace said...

OMG, that one of Woogas is hilarious!

amber said...

Ah, your original babies. :)