March 12, 2009

Ten Things I Love About Mao

I'm sure most of you remember when we got Mao.

She started off as this little fearful puffball who kept pooping on the carpet because she was too scared to come out from behind the chair, and all it took was a little bit of salad dressing on my fingers to get her to bond with me. Now we are best of friends, and she is pretty damn fearless.

She's only been in our lives since October, but there are already so many things I love about her. Here are ten of them:

1) She loves chewing on things. She's like a dog or teething baby; she will chew on whatever you give her. I have bite marks on my phone from her attacking it.

2) She purrs extraordinarily loudly - and often for no reason at all. Sometimes we'll let her sleep with us, and I'll wake up in the middle of the night and hear her purring. She's just happy.

3) She still has the cutest little kitten tummy ever.

4) She loves to charge at both Woogas and Kerwin. She'll get down really low and even wiggle her butt back and forth to gain some more speed. It is hilarious to watch.

5) She has no idea how small she is. I've seen her try to make jumps and end up on the floor. She attacks Woogas and Kerwin with all her might, and they take her down with one swipe of her paw.

6) Her nose is tiny, pink, and adorable. I could look at it all day.

7) She loves to hang out with me. If I'm anywhere doing whatever, chances are she'll be the first to get up to where I am and either lay on me or next to me (purring, of course).

8) She wants to be just like Kerwin. She follows him everywhere and does what he does.

9) She doesn't meow. The only time I've heard her meow is the first couple of nights we had her when she was scared.

10) She gets her claws stuck in everything. It's not uncommon to see her unable to move because her claws are stuck in the carpet, for example. (See picture below.)


phairhead said...

Why are kitty noses so damn cute?

amber said...

she is so dang cute!