March 18, 2009

Things I Love This Week (and Bonus: A Small Rant)

Being as I've been out of commission for the last couple of days, I've had some time to get reacquainted with some cool things out there.

1) Dollhouse, the latest small-screen effort by the awesome Joss Whedon. Several episodes are available for viewing on hulu, or you can just tune in on Friday nights. I am officially hooked.

2) Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves, a blog dedicated to... you guessed it, vintage kids' books! The author of this blog hosts a book giveaway every Monday and sells her vintage finds in her etsy shop. Love this blog.

3) I actually got a cool toy in my Del Taco kid meal. Witnesseth:

In other news, I decided to delete my MySpace and facebook profiles. I rarely use either site. I add people as friends or they add me and then we never talk through either site, so it just feels pointless to me. I don't like getting glittery pictures for comments (because then I feel obligated to post a glittery picture back), and I guess I really don't understand the whole writing on someone else's wall thing. I'd rather read blogs or write emails or something like that.

I think I've come to see these social networking sites similarly to the way I see email forwards: as an annoyance. I don't care about glittery comments, I don't care about how many "friends" I have, and I can't be bothered with being tagged or poked or hugged or whatever. Send me an email or call me - don't tag or poke me or send me some retarded forward. Doing those things does not qualify as "keeping in touch."

(Please note that if you have ever done any of the things that I'm ranting about, it does not mean that I hate you and want you to die a horrible, painful death. It just means that I'd rather hear how you are doing as opposed to reading a stupid forward about how I need to pass it on in the next seven seconds or else the world will surely end.)

So that's what I've got for tonight. I've spent the majority of the last two days in bed, and I am *gasp* actually ready to return to work tomorrow. I read this book in less than an hour tonight, and let's just say that some things we left behind as children should not be revisited as adults - unless you want to devote an entire blog to making fun of them, which to me is completely admirable and totally understandable.


phairhead said...

holy crap I was soooooooooo addicted to the Babysitter's Club. I must have had 20 of them. I was a big Dawn fan.

tootie said...

Now I don't feel so bad for not having a facebook or myspace account. I feel the same way that you do - I'd rather just e-mail or call them if I want to talk to them.

But I'm definitely addicted to blogs, and I don't see that changing anytime soon :)

inflammatory writ said...

I love Facebook. I got rid of MySpace because of the problems you mentioned, but if you customize Fbook you can get in touch with people you forgot existed! I guess for my career its been a really useful networking tool, but I can see how its annoying.

George said...

Yes, believe it or not, I too was a babysitter in my youth. I never belonged to a babysitter's union though... Cool Book

mj said...

I love all your throwback to the childhood posts, especially with the books! I loved the BSC series and Claudia was my favorite!

Nanette said...

That Del Taco toy is SUPER CUTE!

Angie Eats Peace said...

I have thought about revisiting the Babysitter's Club for nostalgia's sake...maybe I shouldnt.

JennB said...

I'm hooked on Dollhouse too. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I hear what you say about myspace.and facebook, I just can't let them go yet

amber said...

i actually like reading the status updates and stuff on facebook, but do so sporadically and usually when i'm killing some time on my iphone. myspace was always way too much for me.

so long as it makes you feel better, then i say delete 'em.