March 23, 2009

Today was a good day.

I am possessed by a force stronger than myself. I find myself thinking for hours about how to organize something. Nothing makes me happier than the thought of cleaning. I honestly feel that my life will be complete if everything is in order. It's all about Getting Things Done.

1) Last week my boss was on vacation. I decided to clean out his office - I asked him beforehand, of course. He's an attorney and a pack rat, so he saves everything. It took three days and the majority of my attention, but his office looked freaking spectacular when I was done. He came back today, and everyone approached him with trepidation. But he was thrilled with his freakishly clean office. It got the day started off right.

2) The nosy-ass admin who sits across the hall from me and habitually stares at me all day was absent today.

3) I managed to catch up on a lot of work that got neglected last week - plus some personal phone calls that I needed to make.

4) After work, I went out and bought birthday gifts for the cutest husband ever, who turns 30 next week.

5) Once I got home, we ate dinner and went through an intimidating pile of bills and other fun things. And then I cleaned and organized our home office.

And now I sit here with ice packs on my back. I'll relax in a warm bath with a book or magazine in a bit, have Roy give me a back massage after that, and then drift off in a sleep that will be characterized by lots of tossing and turning as I try to get comfortable - not to mention at least two trips to the bathroom.

Life is good.


Lydia said...

Must be the change of seasons...I'm actually feeling good too! And I'm planning a major organizing frenzy in my kitchen during spring break. It feels so good to get in order!

phairhead said...

i thought you wrote you had ice cream on yr back! now that's a good day