March 9, 2009

Ten Things I Love About Woogas

To kick off Love Week...

You'd think that I'd devote Love Week solely to human beings, but no, our pets are absolutely part of our family. We have three lovely little furball kitties, and I adore them.

Woogas was our first cat. She has been with us since New Year's Eve 2005, when we walked into Petsmart to buy some fish and walked out with her instead. She was a tiny little kitten then. Funny thing, the Humane Society (who actually sold her to us) said she was a boy. We didn't find out she was actually a girl until several months later when we took her in to get her fixed.

Woogas' real name is actually Ashe, but somewhere along the way she became Woogas (pronounced "Woo-guhz"). Don't ask me when or how this happened. I only know that it happened, and to hear her referred to as "Ashe" really throws me off sometimes.

Here are ten things that I adore about Woogas:

1) She's the best communicator of all three cats. She has no problem letting us know what she wants or when she wants it. As a result, she comes across as being a little needy and high maintenance. But she absolutely "talks" to me, I swear.

2) She loves for me to pick her up and hold her and carry her around like she's a baby. We do this every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, and it makes her so happy that she rubs her head all over my head, getting god-knows-what all over my hair.

3) And speaking of god-knows-what, she has a leaky eye. She had it when we first got her, and it has stuck around. It's a virus that flares up from time to time, and I guess it's kind of nasty, but it's one of those things that's undeniably Woogas.

4) She tends to just plop down on the ground and stretch out so that she can't be missed.

5) Every morning she is sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for one of us to open the door and let her into the other part of the house. Meowing like crazy, of course.

6) She is a beautiful grey tabby with lovely markings and huge yellow-green eyes and a tiny pink nose. Oh, and she smells good. Really good.

7) Her stomach is all loose and wiggly from when she was fixed; I love jiggling it back and forth.

8) She kneads my head when I'm sleeping and she wants my attention. It's very annoying when she does it, but it's very endearing at the same time.

9) She will not eat food that's been sitting in the bowl for awhile. Nope, it's gotta be fresh from the cat chow container.

10) She likes to knock things off of a surface one thing at a time. She will take several minutes to scoot one thing off a table. She's very methodical when she's being annoying - another quintessential Woogas quirk that is both irritating and endearing.


inflammatory writ said...

Awww WOOGAS! I love that name. It's one of those gibberish nicknames we make up for our cats, and that one stuck. Our cat became "Bean" because when we first got her, she had to go to the Emergency Vet the first night we had her and we had to name her off the bat for records, so my mom suggested Sabrina. So she was Sabrina, which got shortened to "Brina", which got shortened to "BriBri", which got shortened to "BeeBeen!", which became Bean. If she was going to be called by her nickname presently, her name would be FatFat. :)

phairhead said...

awwww she's looks so cute and squishy

Erika said...

Look at that baby face will ya???....:)

amber said...

such a beautiful cat.