May 16, 2009

Two Little Guys

Hey everyone,

There are two blogs I've been following for quite awhile now:

Healing Hunter, a blog that chronicles two-year-old Hunter's battle with leukemia


Jaxon and Brady's Journey, a blog that explores life with twin boys, one of whom has special needs and recently received a sobering diagnosis.

I've watched these families go through hell and find a place of hope and peace - and now they are back in that hellish place again. Since I'm expecting a little boy of my own, my heart is very wrapped up in the stories of these two little amazing guys who both have so far managed to beat the odds stacked against them.

Things have recently taken a turn for the worse for them, and although I don't know them at all, they are constantly in my thoughts. We all know the power of comments, so please go and leave them some comment love.


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