May 9, 2009

A Week's Worth of Movies

I was slacking off on my movie watching, and then I went on maternity leave. I've been going a bit crazy with the TV/movie watching since. Here are the movies I've watched in the past week:

1) The Man Who Wasn't There - The only Coen Brothers movie I've seen that I've actually liked
2) Ghost World - I've seen this one before, and frankly, it's never won me over. It can be interesting, but its interestingness is overshadowed by its blahness.
3) Single White Female - A good 90s thriller and another movie I've seen before. I have to admit, though, that I was totally distracted by the disaster that was Bridget Fonda's hair.
4) Rachel Getting Married - I thought the acting in this little indie film was great, although some scenes just went on for way too long. It was also unexpectedly heavy, which was a nice surprise.
5) The 40-Year-Old Virgin - Hilarious. I laughed the whole way through.
6) Hotel Rwanda - Really good. Another heavy one, but worth watching.
7) Role Models - Hilarious, again.
8) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Definitely on the long side, but I enjoyed this. It was an interesting story.
9) Go - I liked this one a lot. I can't believe I'd never seen it before.

I tried to watch The Hour of the Wolf, one of those artsy-fartsy foreign films that are soooooooooo deep, but I just didn't have the headspace or the attention span to really enjoy it. Thus, I turned it off after thirty minutes, because I was bored, frankly.

And of course I've made some time for some awesome episodes from shows like One Tree Hill (current season), Dollhouse (current season), Grey's Anatomy (fourth season), and Beverly Hills 90210 (fifth season). I love me some cheesy dramas.

Oh, and in the spirit of movie-watching, here are a couple of videos of movie trailers that have been recut to make them look like completely different movies (originally seen on Maegan's blog).

The Shining as a heartwarming comedy:

Mary Poppins as a horror movie:


phairhead said...

the man who wasn't there, fantastic. and i hate billy bob.

the boyfriend throughly enjoyed The Shining recut. thx : )

if really into cheesy high school drama, check out Degrassi: The Next Generation. you will not be disappointed

Lydia said...

Go was great. So stupid, but incredibly easy to watch. I'm going to start watching the Tutors this summer...we'll see how that goes. Thank god for DVDs. if you like things that can be a little dark/violent/not safe, you should check out Oz. Great HBO show!

Angie Eats Peace said...

That Mary Poppins trailer is hilarious.
Was that the first time you saw The 40 Year Old Virgin? Definitely one of my favorites.

A said...

Rachel Getting Married was painful to watch. The acting was great, but it was like watching a scene in my family home. It made my head and heart hurt.

amber said...

That's impressive! I don't think I've watched that many movies in the past 2 years. :/